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MSFS, University of Houston
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social, political, religious, cultural, and clean technology futures
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Sara Robinson is a futurist-at-large in Seattle, WA. Her background is in political futures - the role religion, culture, and other deep cognitive frameworks play in the way individuals and societies imagine the future and choose their strategies for approaching and managing change. At present, she is putting that expertise to work researching clean technology futures for investors and others guiding our society's response to climate change.

In recent years, Sara has been a leading writer on futures topics. Her work has appeared online at The New Republic, The Huffington Post, Salon, Alternet,, Daily Kos, Firedoglake, Crooks & Liars, and many other websites, as well as in print. She also makes frequent national media and in-person appearances speaking on issues related to long-range planning and policy. Sara holds a MS in Futures Studies from the University of Houston, and a BA in Journalism from the USC Annenberg School of Communication.

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