Associate Membership

A new category of membership introduced in 2011, Associate Membership is available to graduates of a university degree program in futures research, futures studies or a comparable field (not a certificate program), or is an entry level associate with a mentor or employer who is a foresight professional, preferably an APF full member.

Associate member status is limited to three years following graduation, by which time the member is expected to have built his or her futures experience to be able to qualify for Provisional or Full Membership.

Associate members have complete access to APF services. It is asked that Associate Members refrain from using the APF logo/appellation.

Proof of graduation, mentorship, or an entry-level associate position must be submitted as part of the application process.

To apply for Associate membership:

(i) Complete the online application form, and
(ii) Email proof of graduation, mentorship or entry level associate position to

The current membership fee is $US100.

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