APF London Gathering - The Future of Trust

  • 28 Feb 2017
  • 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM (UTC-00:00)
  • British Computer Society, 5 Southampton Street, London


  • Futurists, non-members, are welcome to come, with registration.
The Future of Trust

28th February 2017 (6.30pm)

In 2017 our London Gatherings start with the first in a series of three sessions with the IAAC (Information Assurance Advisory Council).   You are invited to come along and consider the Future of Trust in a future world of pervasive technology.     


The session will open with a talk by Robert Hoffman from the Florida Institute of Human Machine Cognition speaking by video-link . Robert is a world leading researcher in this area and has been working recently on a taxonomy of trust in relation to people and automation.  The latest version of his paper will be made available to those who register.  

After Hoffman, Andrew Curry and Nick Price from the APF will facilitate a room discussion to get some initial ideas on what will trust mean and how will it function?  The workshop will close with a networking session and drinks

This is an opportunity to meet members of a professional cybersecurity community.  A community whose thinking influences UK government strategy and policy in information security.  Typically this includes members of standards groups, defence, cybersecurity consultancies and members of advisory committees.

A detailed description of the event  from the IAAC can be found here

Please register for the event by emailing info@iaac.org.uk.    We have a fixed number of seats set aside for the APF gatherings group so please register early.  Registration is through an email to info@iaaac.org.uk

For questions, contact Nick Price

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