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  • 28 Feb 2014
  • 6:00 PM
  • 01 Mar 2014
  • 6:00 PM
  • Online


  • Futurists, non-members, are welcome to come, with registration.

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Future Day

Wherever you are in the world, you are invited at 12:00 noon [March 1st] in your time zone to join this global conversation about the future.

On March 1st, International Futures Day, six international futurist organizations will come together to conduct a 24-hour conversation about the world’s potential futures, challenges, and opportunities. This online conversation will be moving across the world with people entering and leaving the conversation whenever they want. The six organizations will provide facilitators for each of the 24 timezones as possible. In addition to The Millennium Project, they are: the Association of Professional Futurists, Club of Amsterdam, Humanity+, World Future Society, and the World Futures Studies Federation. 

“This is an open, no-agenda discussion about the future, but in general people will be encouraged to share their ideas about how to build a better future,” notes Jerome Glenn.

Here's the preliminary list of facilitators:


Time Zone


Stephanie Pride, WFSF

New Zealand – 12 noon


Bridgette Engeler Newbury, APF

Melbourne, Australia


Ali Ali Kharrazi, APF

Tokyo, Japan


Zhouying Jin, MP

Beijing, China


Mohan Tikku, MP

New Delhi, India


Hind AlMualla, MP

Dubai, UAE


Farzad Khandan, WFSF

Iran  +3:30 GMT


Roey Tzezana, MP

Israel – 12 noon


Eleonora Masini, WFSF and MP

12 noon Rome, Italy


Heiner Benking, MP

Berlin, Germany


Wendy L Schultz, APF

London – 12 noon


Lisa Santillo, Club of Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the Netherlands 14:00-15:00


Jose Cordeiro, MP

Peru not noon but 9 am to 11am


Jerome Glenn, MP

Washington, D.C, U.S.


Concepción Olavarrieta, MP

Mexico City, Mexico


Cindy Frewen, APF

Central US time zone – 12 noon


Joel Barker and Bryan Alexander, APF

US Mountain Time


Kate McCallum and Ed Lantz, MP

Los Angeles, U.S.


California, US


John A. Sweeney, WFSF liaison

Hawaii, US


Fernando Ortega, MP

Peru not noon but 6PM

Two years ago Humanity+ initiated Future Day as March 1st for their members – and anyone else - to host some activity locally to celebrate a positive future brought about by accelerating technology – the focus of their organization. This year, Jerome Glenn, CEO of The Millennium Project, decided to help make it a global online event and start a new tradition that could eventually help humanity think itself together for a more beautiful future.

Click on the Future Day button at or to join this global conversation about the future. If the limit of interactive video conference participation is reached, new arrivals will be able to see and hear, but not have their video seen and voice heard, but they can type in their questions and comments at: that the facilitators can read live in the video conference. As people drop out, new video slots will open up.

The contacts for the leaders of the collaborating organizations are: 

  •     Association of Professional Futurists, Cindy Frewen, Chair cfw(at)frewenarchitects(dot)com
  •     Club of Amsterdam: Felix B Bopp, Chairman - felix(at)clubofamsterdam(dot)com
  •     Humanity+: Adam Ford, Secretary tech101(at)gmail(dot)com
  •     The Millennium Project, Jerome Glenn, CEO, Jerome.Glenn(at)Millennium-Project(dot)org
  •     World Future Society: Tim Mack, President tmack(at)wfs(dot)org
  •     World Futures Studies Federation, Jennifer Gidley, President wfsf.president(at)jennifergidley(dot)com

Start time for US is Friday 6:00pm New York

If you wish to speak, please use a headset to avoid echoes. Please feel free to join us anytime during the 24 hour period. 

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