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Last Friday London Gatherings: Cities Alive - The Future of Green Infrastructure in Cities

  • 27 Jun 2014
  • 4:30 PM - 7:00 PM (UTC+01:00)
  • ARUP, 13 Fitzroy Street, London W1T4BQ
  • 5


  • Futurists, non-members, are welcome to come, with registration.

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Cities Alive - The Future of Green Infrastructure in Cities

13 Fitzroy Street
London W1T4BQ

The future of cities is a topical discussion with ailing cities from the past, expansion of present ones and construction of the entirely new. 

One opportunity in developing cities for the future is said to be deeper integration of the natural environment into the built. This session will dig further into this proposal using research from the multidisciplinary consultancy ARUP. 

Josef Hargrave, Foresight + Research + Innovation at ARUP presents on their recent 'Cities Alive' report 

"Our cities are facing an uncertain future – can the power of the natural environment help restore balance and harmony and reconcile human affairs with natural laws?

Glowing trees and pavements, vertical farming, permeable paving, underground roads and automated public and private transport – from large-scale interventions to smaller scale enrichments, cities in the future will need to look vastly different to cities now.

‘Cities Alive’ looks to recognise the vital role of the natural environment in sustainable urban development and climate change resilience, and its fundamental impact on economic prosperity, health and well-being."

Following content presentation, there will be a hands-on facilitated session and discussion to help people explore the 'Cities Alive' research and proposals.

For questions, contact Nick Price

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